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Meet Mandii Brown

Many of you may know Mandii as "The Relatable Counselor", but when she first started her mental health licensure journey, she was formerly known as "The Relatable LPC-Intern".

Mandii realized that as a non-traditional student and a woman of color, her approach to the field was completely different from her peers. And through trials and tribulations, she discovered her voice but also advocacy. She launched the mental health platform "Well What Had Happened Was".com to allow others to tell their own stories and truth, to connect with mental health professionals and resources, AND even listed resources for those preparing to become "second chance citizens".

She has done several speaking engagements pertaining to mental health, recidivism and rehabilitation, creating goals and implementing self-care while juggling family matters, co -parenting issues, and more!  She has partnered with The Black Mental Health Village, Nashville Thrives Coalition, Unheard Voices Outreach, Dream Initiatives, and many more organizations to bring forth awareness in the Tennessee area about several issue impacting people and businesses at a local and state level. 

She has been on numerous podcast platforms including: "PSA: Mental Health Podcast", ReMap Your Mind Podcast, Black Men Cry Too, and the list goes on. 

She has published work in several magazines, and began her own "mobile" series "The Thinking Corner". 

No matter the location she is called to, she ensures and provides people with a safe, relaxing environment while encouraging conscious yet intimate conversations. 

Now as a Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Holistic Wellness coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner, she wanted to be well-rounded for those who are not ready for therapy, but wanted to be met where they are. 


 Mandii's enthusiasm for guiding others towards a brighter future, shines through in every session. She firmly believes in the power of resilience and self-discovery, and her cheerful yet empathetic nature allows clients to feel comfortable and supported throughout their coaching or counseling journey.

Whether it's helping someone process or provide the tools to navigate through grief and provide resources to heal from traumatic


Or facilitate to create an inclusive and equitable environment for companies to ensure fairness and respect.

Or even commit to empowering individuals to reclaim their lives and thrive as they begin channeling their inner resilience; Mandii is the one for the job.

She brings a unique and comprehensive, but personalized experience for her clients. 

The Relatable Counselor
Image by Nik

Q: What services does The Relatable Counselor provide?

A: The Relatable Counselor provides life coaching services to help individuals and companies achieve their goals and gain clarity in their personal and professional lives. We provide one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and virtual coaching to clients all over the world.


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