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Take a closer look at “The Relatable Counselor” ’s journey. From captivating workshops that empower and educate, to impassioned advocacy on Capitol Hill, Mandii shows empathy with unwavering dedication to make a real difference. Experience the impact and inspiration firsthand – see how The Relatable Counselor is not just a title, but a testament to what passion, understanding, and action.

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The Sisaundra Show

Mandii Brown was invited on to "The Sisaundra Show" located in Orlando, FL at AfroTV (Afrotainment) Studios, speaking about mental health amongst the justice impacted population and helping them reacclimate back to society. She also had the opportunity to promote her new brain dumping journal : "The Thinking Corner".

You can watch this African American Owned & Operated TV Network available on Comcast Xfinity Ch.1623, NOW TV and Roku.

"The Stronger Together" Tour

Mandii Brown was able to partner with the amazing Mac Stanley Cazeau, LMHC and CEO of "Therapy is for Everyone". His passion is helping ALL couples find and maintain fulfilling relationships. His latest project, "Stronger Together: The V-Day Connection Tour," was a phenomenal mental health-love tour that seeks to enhance communication, intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction. The tour stops include: Nashville, TN, Houston, TX, Washington D.C., and Brooklyn, NY.

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News and Radio Apperances

Mandii Brown gained valuable experience collaborating with various news outlets, including WKRN-ABC News: Local on 2, WSMV-NBC: Today in Nashville, WTFV-CBS: Talk of the Town, and WXNA Soul of the City alongside Mac Stanley Cazeau, LCMHC, Gottman Certified Therapist.

Tennessee Counseling Association

Mandii was able to present a workshop at TCA 2023, 'You Don't Look Like Me'; in hopes to create meaningful connections with her audience and inspire them to embrace inclusivity. This was a session highlighted the need for validation and acceptance for non-traditional students in the counseling field. In the end, it encouraged growth and created a welcoming environment for individuals who might have otherwise felt excluded.

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