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This space is dedicated to sharing the empowering experiences of individuals who have not only received one-on-one counseling but also those who have attended Mandii’s engaging public speaking events. Each testimonial serves as a reflection of the profound impact our services and presentations have on individuals and communities alike.



I met my Mandii on my podcast platform and she did an amazing job. Her insight on mental health within the black community was not only insightful, but resonated with me deeply. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!"

Jeremy Robinson, host of "The It Factor" Podcast


She did an excellent job, dropped a ton of knowledge and spoke confidently and clearly. I have been to two panels she's sat on and left with so much information and amazing dialogue each time. She never disappoints

Mike Patton, Host of "This Woman Works" Podcast and Freelance write for "615 Voice".

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I saw Mandii speak at the "Too Much Sorrow" Event in Nashville. Her story was so relatable and informative. I will be attending her next event!

Jordan Owens, attendee


Mandii did exceptionally well at the men's mental health conference. I am a retired corrections officer so the effects and impact of mental health in a correctional settings resonates with me. I would love for her to conduct a workshop based on mental health and the correctional staff!

Douglas Reed, Motivational Speaker, Black Man Heals, Adelphi Conference Attendee


Jafee Judah, TN

“Mandii is amazing! She always drops a ton of knowledge, never disappoints."

Karla Larrell, FL

"Mandii has such a beautiful spirit. For her to be so young, she is driven and wise. Very eloquent and spoken! Oh and her brain dump journal, I love it! I can't wait for her to return to Orlando!"

M. Ramsey, TN

“She has created such  a safe space for me to be vulnerable as a black man. To show emotions and actually feel them, it felt so free. Thank you Ms. Brown!”
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