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I specialize in working with a diverse range of clients, including single parents seeking to rediscover themselves, young adults struggling with internal or social issues, individuals who have experienced trauma or domestic violence, and those facing daily social or racial challenges. I also assist couples in navigating communication differences and finding common ground. My approach involves developing new skills and tools, setting healthy boundaries, and empowering clients to prioritize their emotional well-being through self-care.

As "The Relatable Counselor," I am committed to creating a secure space where people can confront their difficulties, recognizing the unique obstacles and intricacies that accompany their situations. I take pride in helping clients overcome challenges, heal from past traumas, and develop effective coping mechanisms.

In each session, my passion for helping others find a better future is evident. I strongly believe in the strength of resilience and self-discovery, and my friendly and understanding demeanor helps clients feel at ease and supported during their counseling process. My goal is to establish a trusting therapeutic relationship where your voice is truly heard

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